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Thames Travel and Oxford Bus Company services

Normal Saturday local bus services

  • Normal services connect Oxford, Radley, Abingdon and Didcot (for the Didcot Railway Centre)
  • Passengers with the special combined bus/rail ticket can use it for travel on the 35 service between Abingdon and Radley station
    The 35 bus service between Oxford and Abingdon, which runs every 20 minutes, stops at the end of the short service road leading to the station car park
  • please check the Thames Travel and Oxford Bus Company timetables before travelling

The special 175 bus service

This special service is being operated by Thames Travel in conjunction with GWR will allow you to hop on and hop off as often as you like. A combined bus and train ticket can only be purchased on the train, at any GWR station, or online. You will not be able to buy a combined bus and train ticket on any bus.

This service provides a unique opportunity to travel on a route and between destinations not normally served by public transport

Special bus timetable

Please note that the bus will only be able to stop where indicated on the timetable, intermediate stops will not be served.

Any queries regarding availability, purchasing, terms and conditions, or timetabling should be raised directly with either Thames Travel or Oxford Bus Company as appropriate. The promotion of their services does not imply any liability by the organisers of the 175th celebrations for any matters arising whatsoever.

Further information

Download or print the train and special bus timetables.

Visit the special 175th anniversary page on the Thames Travel website for loads more bus travel information.