Didcot's first railway staion in 1850
Didcot Station circa 1850
from 'History of the GWR' by MacDermot, 1927
Didcot's second station circa 910
The station at Didcot circa 1910
Postcard, unknown publisher
Replica Fire Fly broad gauge locomotive at the Didcot Railway Centre
Replica FireFly locomotive at Didcot
Courtesy of the Didcot Railway Centre
Impressive line-up of locomotives at the Didcot Railway Centre
Impressive display of GWR motive power
Courtesy of the Didcot Railway Centre

Didcot Railway Centre

Saturday 15th June 10:30am - 5:00pm

The Didcot Railway Centre hosted the anniversary celebrations for Didcot. The special 175 bus service stopped outside the railway station which is only a short walk from the Didcot Railway Centre.

Attractions included:

  • Engines in steam
  • Refreshments
  • Live music
  • Children’s activities
  • Locomotives which served on the Didcot to Oxford line
  • A special display of photos and archive materials
  • Railway timeline displays on hoardings
  • A Victorian theme in the Transfer Shed
  • A special display at the Oxford Road Station end of the site

Visitors could discover Brunel's Broad Gauge and the 1930s Engine Shed, visit the GWT Museum, the restoration workshops and, from the Picnic Area, watch the modern passenger and freight trains as they pass by on the main line.

They could also walk around the only surviving steam age loco depot in its original condition, and get up close to the large collection of locomotives which are so much more impressive when seen from ground level. The shop and refreshment room were open all day.

As it was a Steam Day, visitors were able to:

  • Ride in coaches from the 1930s behind some of the centre's Great Western steam locomotives, or in their Steam Railmotor or Diesel Railcar. There are two running lines, 'The Main Line' and 'The Branch Line' with trains running on both of them, and visitors were able to ride as many times as they liked
  • Watch the trains go past. There are frequent journeys on the running lines so there was plenty of opportunity to take photos from vantage points alongside the tracks as well as ride on the trains

~~ Not one, but two steam trains visited ~~

Newly returned to mainline service, GWR number 7029 Clun Castle passed Didcot Railway Centre via Didcot East junction at 1:06pm, returning at 5:55pm to stand for about 8 minutes alongside platform 3 after turning round on the Didcot triangle. The iconic locomotive 60103 Flying Scotsman (4472 in LNER days) stopped briefly between 6:37pm and 6:46pm to set down passengers at platform 5.

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