South Oxford railway history trail
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Gasworks railway bridge
The old Gasworks railway bridge
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South Oxford railway history trail

1st to 30th June: South Oxford railway history trail

Discover the fascinating and hidden history of the first railway in Oxford by following a special self-guided trail. Using the map, search out all twenty five information posters and retrace the original route of the railway to Oxford's first station. To keep you on your toes, two posters are next door to each other and so share one dot on the trail map - hence only 24 locations are shown.

Discover how the railway influenced the development of the area and how it changed over time. Did you know that Oxford once had its own Coca Cola factory for instance? The trail also offers a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some pioneering local residents who were associated with the railway.

The trail is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible. So there is no excuse not to take advantage of the fine weather and spend an enjoyable hour or two travelling back in time.

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