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GWR dmu at Culham
GWR local service calling at Culham Station
Photograph © Colin Taylor

GWR train services

Normal Saturday local GWR train services were in operation throughout the day. These could be used to travel between between venues, either using the GWR combined ticket or a standard cheap day return ticket.

  • travel between Oxford, Radley, Culham, Appleford and Didcot (for the Didcot Railway Centre)
  • please check the timetable below before travelling as not all trains stop at all intermediate stations

You could hop on and hop off as often as you liked, wherever you wished. Tickets could be purchased on the day on the train, at any GWR station, or online.

GWR train timetable

Any queries regarding availability, purchasing, terms and conditions, or timetabling should be raised directly with GWR who operate these train services. The promotion of these services does not imply any liability by the organisers of the 175th celebrations for any matters arising whatsoever.

Further information

Download or print the train and special bus timetables

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